Mar. 18, 2023

Automated red light citations

Like all traffic citations (tickets), red light camera citations are issued by a law enforcement agency, not the Court.  The Court treats a red light camera citation like all other traffic citations.  However, due to public interest, we have a page dedicated to red light camera citations.

Red light camera citations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle as recorded with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  The citations are issued by the Marysville Police Department (MPD) and mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle within 15 days of the red light incident to the address listed at DMV.

Courtesy Notice

When you receive your copy of the citation from MPD, it will include an appearance date.  The Court also receives a copy of your citation and will send a “courtesy notice” to the address listed on MPD’s citation.  This courtesy notice contains the same appearance information but also indicates the amount of bail you can forfeit to resolve the case without appearing.  Note that the appearance date is not your trial date, should you choose to contest the citation.  Other important information, including pleas of not guilty and information about traffic school, is included on the courtesy notice sent by the Court.

You must appear or contact the Court by the date on your courtesy notice.  Failure to appear or contact the Court will result in additional penalties being added to your case.

If you would like to view the video footage of the incident, please contact:

Marysville Police Department
316 Sixth Street
Marysville, CA  95901
(530) 749-3900

You may also view red light camera videos on line.  To access your video, visit  The website will require you to enter data from your notice and you will need to include the City Code:  “ MARYVIL”.

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